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2008 Wisconsin Library Association award!



The faculty page of Anne-Marie Cusac



The Mean Days, 2001, from Tia Chucha Press


Tia Chucha Press



The Progressive Magazine

For the work of Anne-Marie Cusac as an investigative reporter and magazine writer, type her name into the search space.


The Amnesty International response to the articles, which led to UN Committee Against Torture action:


A Progressive article that might especially interest literary readers:

An interview with Harold Pinter:


Other articles online:

On alternatives to prison, published on the Mother Jones web site:

For more info about this Mother Jones series, which included articles by Sasha Abramsky, Nell Bernstein, Anne-Marie Cusac, Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., and Governor Gary Johnson:


Utne Review interview with Robert Pinsky:




Journalism: The George Polk Award:


Project Censored:



Madison CitiARTS: