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Some responses to They Sing at Midnight




“If you’re not careful, Alison Stone will devour you.”

—Thom Ward

Ward, editor of BOA Editions, Inc., named Alison Stone’s collection They Sing at Midnight as the first winner of Many Mountains Moving Press’s annual poetry book contest. Many Mountains Moving, a prominent literary journal and small press based in Colorado, whose selections have been chosen for inclusion in both the Best American Poetry and the Pushcart anthologies, starts a new decade of publishing with Alison Stone’s first book.

Ward finds in Stone “much music, a voice both edgy and generous, and dozens of surprises that kept me interested and eager for more. In poem after poem the heart-intelligent energy transference from writer to reader happened and happened fully.”


“Stone slips a carving knife under the skin of convention, eviscerating appearances, revealing the savage truth… Kill to get one.”

—Hugo Williams

"As bold and vibrant as the colors in her Tarot paintings, Alison Stone's poems tell a vivid contemporary story of descent and return to 'the messy bright life we are born for'"

—Margaret Holley


" Nobody on the Left publishes so much interesting poetry—Tuli to Alison Stone, whose provocative poetry is perfectly fabulous. Great Stuff."

—Paul Buhle

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